One of my absolute favorite things about the Tombow Dual Brush pens is that they can be used as watercolours. And another favourite thing of mine are wreaths. They just add so much beauty to a lettered word or phrase. So if you’ve been looking for a way to add a little more colour and embellishments to your lettering pieces, here’s an easy way to make a watercolour floral wreath using your brush pens!

Step 1

Trace a round object with a light pencil mark. Remember to use paper that can handle watercolour, here I’m using Bristol board paper because it handles water well but is untextured. For more paper picks check out this post.

Note! Watercolour paper works fine as well, but they tend to be textured and I prefer to have a smooth surfaced paper for my lettering pieces.

Step 2

Uncap your Tombow Dual Brush pens and scribble some paint on the Tombow Blending Palette or any plastic surface (I’m using transparency film/overhead paper). For the flowers I chose blue and purple and a few shades of green for the leaves and a little pink to add final touches.

Note! Remember to keep your pen angled towards your surface when painting on the plastic to avoid damaging or fraying the tip of the brush pen, see this post for more information on how to hold your brush pen.

Step 3

Pick up the paint from your palette using a waterbrush or a regular brush with water and paint a few flowers along your traced pencil line. For this piece I used the dark blue for the petals and then picked up a little purple and dropped into one of the petals while the flower was still wet so the two colors mixed.

Step 4

Connect your flowers along the traced pencil line with a green colour. Add leaves randomly along the circle, don’t worry about getting it perfect, there’s beauty in this type of “mess”. For a little extra colour, paint some pink berries in clusters along your wreath wherever you feel there’s too much empty white space.

Step 5

Now grab a black fineliner pen (or by all means use the fine tip side of a black Tombow Dual Brush Pen!) and start outlining your watercolor flowers, laurels and leaves to give them that extra little pop. Again, I make sure I’m not being a perfectionist here, it’s back to i’m-a-kid-who-doesn’t-know-how-to-colour-within-the-lines.

If you feel one of the outlines you made is way off, just grab your brush again and fill in that green leaf color closer to it.

And we’re done! 

Just add some of your pretty lettering or calligraphy in the center of the wreath or anything else that you’d like to have encircled with flowers.

Let me know what you’d write with this wreath and what color combos you’d use! Comment below! And if you want to show me your own wreath following these steps just use the #showandtellrim on Instagram.

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