A great way to add beautiful embellishments to your lettering is using laurels and wreaths. This straight forward post will teach you how to make a beautiful wreath using a leaf laurel. I like to keep an inspirational page with drawn laurels to look at when I’m at a drawing-block. To get you started on your own inspirational page of laurels there’s a freebie for you to collect when you subscribe to the blog!


The Steps

  1. Trace a circle with a light pencil line

2. Following your circle, draw a stem that runs along 1/8th of your circle. Continue all along the pencil line so you have 8 stems.

3. Now it’s time to make your laurels. On each stem, add a few leaves. Don’t worry about symmetry or getting everything to look perfect. The beauty of it is in its effortlessness.

4. Repeat on all 8 stems and add any extra leaves and finishing touches wherever there’s too much blank space.

Done! With this technique you can make just about any wreath (well…almost!) Here a few more examples


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below and if you’d like to show me how you use this technique or your freebie just use #showandtellrim on instagram to stay in touch! 

Over the new year we’ll be spending time with family and traveling so I’ll see you again in January for the next blog post, Happy Holiday, Happy New Years and take care! Talk to you soon 

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